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Our next Production

June 2024

Summer Tour

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Almost The Birthday Party

Kenny and Vern are an eccentric couple in their 60s who get more than they bargained for when they set out to make new friends by inviting complete strangers to join a play reading group in their parlour.

The couple are visited late at night by a mysterious Mrs. Percival and asked to recall details of an absurd and rather eventful first rehearsal. Complete with cheesecake, vicar and taxidermied cat!

Murder on A Budget
We take you back to the 1920’s as we present Murder on a Budget staring the Legendary Detective Inspector Drake. A body has been found in the grounds of Duffield Manor, and Drake must use all his skills and the assistance (or hindrance) of Sergeant Plod to unmask the killer and bring them to justice.

With every expense spared we promise you a Mystery worthy of Agatha Christie, Crime Solving Abilities of Sherlock Holmes, and a set as if MFI still in business.

Tickets for SJT can be booked via the link below.
For other venues see above though Tickets will be on the Door.

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